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“I would have loved to have seen things differently when I was younger.”

“We’re slowly trying to find it ourselves, Because it was lacked in the curriculum”

CARGO is led by Lawrence Hoo, a POET and Charles Golding filmmaker and creative director. From their own experiences in school and from their observations today, they understood that there are large parts missing from the History that is taught in schools across the UK. These missing parts include:

The perspectives of individuals of African and African Diaspora descent.

Recognition of the resilience, contributions and visionary leadership of individuals of African and African Diaspora descent.

CARGO Classroom resources are made so that these stories could be included in the History that is taught in schools at Key Stage 3. The lessons use poetry, film and illustrations to help pupils engage with the lives they are learning about. The lessons have been designed so that they can either be taught in a sequence, or experienced individually.

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

These CARGO Classroom resources would not be possible without valuable contributions from CARGO’s teacher collaborators. In alphabetical order:

Jane Bolam
David Rawlings
Kate Smee
Tracy O'Brien
Daniel Warner Meanwell

CARGO would also like to thank all creatives who have contributed as part of the collective.

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